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Friday, February 06, 2009

Those ipods

On a lighter note proposals by the Conservatives will give greater powers to teachers including the ability to confiscate iPods and mobile phones from disruptive children.

It is not clear whether this will apply in Wales but if so the Welsh Conservative Leader, Nick Bourne and his Local Government Spokesperson, Alun Cairns will need to behave in Plenary sessions lest the Presiding Officer uses the same sanction against them.

N.B. It is a fact that whenever a mobile phone goes off in the Chamber it invariably belongs to a Conservative Assembly Member. This has not always been the case though.

I was once interrupted in mid-speech in the old chamber by the First Minister's phone going off. When I offered to pause so that he could answer it I was told that it is out-of-order to refer to a ringing phone on the record.
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