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Monday, February 16, 2009

Pilots ground ID card scheme

The Times reports that the Labour Government's ID card scheme has hit another snag with the British Airline Pilots Association saying that its members, who comprise 84 per cent of the commercial pilots in Britain, will not co-operate with Home Office plans to make airside workers “guinea pigs” for the cards:

Manchester and London City airports have agreed to take part in an 18-month evaluation of the benefits of identity cards, starting in the autumn. Balpa has told the airports and the Identity and Passport Service that pilots would refuse to take part. This would mean pilots would not be given airside passes and could not fly.

Balpa said that ID cards would have “absolutely no value” for security and that pilots were being coerced into accepting the scheme.

This must be a major blow for the Government who, recognising that they do not have the general support to make ID cards compulsory, are trying to introduce them by stealth. As the Brtish Airline Pilots Association say:

“It is clear that the Government's staged introduction of biometric identity cards first to overseas students, then to migrant workers and then for aviation workers, represents a way of picking off what are seen as easy targets.”

Can the Government really persist with this expensive and pernicious scheme in the face of such resistance?


As I understand it, the current proposal is that if airside workers who require a CRB certificate refuse to apply for an ID card, they will not be issued with the CRB certificate and will not be able to obtain an airside pass.

This will affect more than airside staff - anyone who works with children or vulnerable adults will also have to obtain an ID card to retain their job.
I think we're in the endgame now for the government, nothing they are doing makes sense, least of all to what's left of their supporters.

Too much to hope that Brown will be the last ever PM?
You need to get your skates on Peter you are missing the story about Cameron rejecting further powers for Wales in his Vale question and answer session.

Check out Betsan's blog.
This is a blog not a news service. It is covered on Freedom Central blog anyway.
Interesting that the Lib dems are so relaxed about the Conservative Leader coming out against primary powers for Wales. Sounds to me as if you have just lost your Rainbow Coaltion partner for 2011 - or is a Parliament for Wales no longer Lib Dem policy?
Quite agree with you Peter, the Welsh Nationalists seem to think that they can dictate to what you put on your blog.

Back in May 2008 -the Plaid candidate in Maesteg West seemed to think he could dictate where the local Lib Dems could stand - they are suffering from delusions of adequacy.

G. Lewis
Patriot, you draw that conclusion I suppose from the fact that I have not had time to blog today yet. Have you read the Freedom Central blog? That is a Welsh Liberal Democrat blog too. What the Tories do is a matter for them, but naturally I would expect those in their party who support further poweres to join a 'yes' campaign when it is set up.
Peter you are missing my point. If labour lose there will be no yes campaign if a cameron administration is opposed.
So logically we need to make sure that we have a Liberal Democrat Government then!
Sorry Peter an accidental anonymous blog trying to use a phone half way up a mountain!

Anyway the real logic is with Bourne opposed to his own leadership and unable to deliver a referendum, it blows a hole in any future rainbow coalition. Even if the Lib dems twisted and turned to justify joining such a party in government it would be impossible for Plaid. I think Welsh politics has just crossed a rubicon. Many thanks to slippery Cameron for having finally answered a straight question honestly.
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