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Monday, February 09, 2009

First Minister speaks for Wales

Rhodri Morgan gets to grips with the real issue affecting all Welsh citizens:

First Minister Rhodri Morgan hailed yesterday’s victory, but called for improvements in Wales’ goal kicking – they missed 11 points – ahead of Saturday’s clash with England.
He really does live in a different world from the rest of us.He should understand that although for the Romans the circus part of the famous quote was important no Emperor survived without also providing the bread. Only in Wales would any senior politician believe that winning in what is a pretty minor world sport would see the morale of the nation improve. Don't worry you might just about to lose your job or be a struggling OAP hit by the worst pension in Europe and now poor returns for your savings. But why worry when it all pales into insignificance if Wales manages to beat a team of former public school boys with some with only a fleeting connection with Scotland. Most Scots last week were more interested in the soccer results as usual. Next week if we lose to England then it will back to a nation on the verge of suicide. No wonder so many don't take the Assembly seriously.
I hope that this wasn't a WAG press release - surely that would be a misuse of Government money?

He's right though, the kicking was awful.
I agree. Rhodri Morgan in one of his 'Man of the people' moods. Unemployment and crime increasing, record number of businesses going bust, OAP's struggling to pay fuel bills, children still in shoddy school buildings, etc etc. What a joke the Labour party has become. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
'anonymous' clearly doesnt understand how important the game of rugby union is to the welsh people if he imagines that success or faliure on the rugby field does not impact upon the 'morale of the nation'!

He was clearly not in the country when wales won grand slams in 2005 and 2008. If he was he would not be in any doubt how important this game is to the welsh people!

rugby union is the number one sport in wales. It is a sport wales has historically done well in and held its own on the world stage. For a small nation such feats are very important!

'minor world sport'? er well actually only football of the world's team sports is played by more people and in more countries!

So if rhodri morgan comments on the performance of the welsh rugby side it reflects badly on the assembly yet it is presumably okay for gordon brown to publicly declare his 'support' for england's football team?

Have to say ive seen some pretty feeble excuses for attacking devolution for wales over the years by anti-devolutionists but this ranks among the most feeble of them all.

observation - since the advent of the assembly wales has won two grand slams having spent years in the rugby wilderness!

When Wales won in 2005 and 08 I was home. In the years 2006 and 07 I was back in the US. I hate to say this Leigh but since I am back in the US, Wales will not win !!! (but I could be wrong ;))
Leigh should really travel a bit more. Last year I was in Vienna when Wales played France. It wasn't even on Eurosport. Instead at the same time as Wales clinched the grand slam Austrian sports fans watched a basketball league game.
Leigh misses the point - the Labour party, shorn of policy or principle, are clinging to power by the politics of distraction. This is a prime example.

Rugby might matter to you Leigh. I'm concerned about jobs, bills, a government that abets torture whilst plotting id cards and intrusions into the lives of its own citizens ... oh, did anyone mention Bush and Iraq?

But, as Leigh says, the pastime of rugby is important.
I may be wrong, but wasn't it two penalty kicks missed and four conversions?

therefore 14 points, which would have made the score 40 pts to Wales
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