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Monday, February 23, 2009

A driver by any other name

The South Wales Evening Post reveals that the staff being recruited to drive the new Metro bus in Swansea are to be known as 'pilots'. Tickets will be collected by 'service hosts'.

You could not make it up.
Aren't the Lib Dems in charge of the council in Swansea?
It is Welsh Liberal Democrat led, yes. However First Cymru are not part of the Council. They are an independent commercial company who are running and funding the Metro buses.
For fear of self-promotion, you were warned - http://auberius.blogspot.com/2006/11/ftrs-dim-ftrs-purple.html
You are quite right nobody with an ounce of common sense could make this up. That is unless you are talking about Swansea Council who put out this press release and we all know that Lib Dem Administration haven't got a brain cell between them.

Site administrator included.

Don't suppose you will have the guts to post this Peter.
I see no evidence that this press release was put out by the Council. It is not on their website. These staff are being employed by First Cymru not the Council and it is the bus company which has provided the designation for them.
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