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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cameron, bored or boring?

David Cameron breezed into Barry yesterday and announced that he was bored with the debate on more powers for the Assembly. Well, yes it is dragging on a bit. However, that is not what the Tory leader meant. He was actually trying to avoid talking about the obvious splits that still dog his party on this issue.

It seems that Mr. Cameron himself has lined up behind the South East Wales Tories who have opposed the Assembly and the devolution agenda from the start. When he was asked if a full law-making Parliament would bring more prosperity to Wales, he said no. He went on to say that he did not support a full law-making Parliament for Wales and that we have to “make the current settlement work”.

Where this leaves Nick Bourne and his pro-devolution, pro-more powers Conservative Group of Assembly Members is a moot point. For despite his protestations of support for the Welsh Conservative Leader, David Cameron did him no favours last night.
looks clear now then that if we do get that promised referendum in 20011 the tories will be lining up behind the No campaign! Question is will they impose a party line or will nick and david melding be permitted to join us in the Yes campaign?

My understanding from prior comments made by Cheryl Gillan is that the Tories would be given a free vote on the matter, so they can do what they want.

The problem with that, of course, is that they will probably be given a free vote in Parliament too...

There are plans afoot to organise a "Yes" meeting in Swansea in 2 weeks time anyway. Anyone interested can contact me at walesfirst@gmail.com

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