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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Border issues

Letting the train take the strain has taken on a new dimension with the revelation that First Great Western, who operate the Swansea to Paddington mainline service are not that clear as to where the border between England and Wales is.

This is puzzling as from their perspective once they have entered and emerged from the occasionally flooded Severn tunnel they have crossed the devolution rubicon.

Nevertheless, the latest edition of First Great Western’s on-board magazine for rail passengers contains a full page picture of Cardiff Castle as part of a feature advertising walks in England:

Beneath a colour picture of the castle’s medieval keep – and with the Red Dragon flag limp and barely visible against its pole – a caption reads: “Walks of life – Seeing England by foot is the best way to sample other people’s experiences of life. We set the pace with five of the best themed walks.”

The first of the walks, featured on the opposite page, is a stroll around the parks and gardens of Cardiff – without once mentioning Wales or that Cardiff is its capital city.

Oh dear!
Aside from the gaffe, it's nice to know that FGW plugged Cardiff's parks -- they really are an asset (although I would point to a need for wood chippings along the unmetalled, northern part of the path nearest the Taff in Bute Park -- it's been cycled to death).
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