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Saturday, January 24, 2009

When Lib Dems go to war

With the two major Cities of South Wales poised to back their respective football teams in the fourth round of the FA Cup in the next few days I noted that the relative sporting conflicts have an interesting political angle for Liberal Democrats.

Swansea are poised to take on FA Cup holders Portsmouth at 3pm today. Both Cities have local Councils that are led by Liberal Democrats, the latter having succumbed to majority control only in the last week after three defections, including one Conservative.

Meanwhile, Arsenal who are based in the Liberal Democrat controlled London Borough of Islington will be making the journey to Welsh Liberal Democrat-led Cardiff and the team who were FA Cup runners-up early tomorrow afternoon.

The Welsh teams are considered to be the underdogs in both contests. Here in South Wales Welsh Liberal Democrats are used to fighting against the odds and triumphing. Let us hope that our football teams are able to do the same.
This is interesting because it shows just how much of the country is now in LD led areas. Long may it continue!
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