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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What unionists?

Alan Cochrane in the Daily Telegraph reports that the The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party have changed their name and are now known simply as The Scottish Conservative Party. Will the Welsh Tories follow suit?
I think the history is slightly different.
IIRC Up until the 1950's Conservatives in Scotland described themselves as "Scottish Unionists" the addition of the word Conservative was fairly recent and "Conservative & Unionist" was the normal usage.
Here in Wales I think they have seldom used the term "Conservative & Unionist" and certainly never "Unionist" on its own. I think "National Liberal" was a more frequent disguise!
We in Swansea can't ask our local Tory Leader Councillor Rene Kinzett that question because he has moved to live in London and none of us know his address or phone number there, but he is still a Councillor on Swansea Council bossing his little rump group of three other Tories around the place by messages we are not privy to!
All at the same time we're trying to work out what to call the amalgam than is the Ulster Unionists and Conservative Parties in Northern Ireland.
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