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Friday, January 09, 2009

Trashing the place

The article in this morning's Independent, which reported that taxpayers face paying tens of millions of pounds in compensation to private companies involved in the national identity card scheme if their contracts are torn up on a change of government, reminds me a bit of a Spitting Image sketch.

It is the morning after the 1992 General Election and John Major and his Cabinet are waking up in Number Ten with the most awful hangovers. They have trashed the place, thinking that they were going to lose but somehow pulled another four years in Government out of the bag.

These sort of clauses in Government contracts on long term controversial policies are the political equivalent of Labour trashing the place in case they fail to be re-elected. It shows enormous disrespect for the voters who might reject their policies at the next election and expect a new government to reverse them.

If the ID card policy is reversed after the next election then millions of pounds of public money will have to be spent on producing nothing. That is hardly prudent.


Labour trash and screw
the pleasant land
spying they try to imbue
UK will be muck and sand
Gordon Brown doesn't do "Prudent", why else did he sell half the UKs gold reserves when at the time there was money in the bank and gold was at rock bottom?
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