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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A resigning issue?

Over at Freedom Central discussions have turned to North Wales Plaid Cymru AM, Janet Ryder and her abrupt departure as her party's education spokesperson. This morning's Western Mail has some of the answers even if Janet's explanation does not seem to fit very well with the circumstances of her 'resignation'.

Janet told the newspaper that she quit because she was "unhappy with some aspects of the Learning and Skills measure, and the lack of progress in achieving improvements to the measure. I have had many meetings with the minister responsible over the past months, and some significant improvements have been made, but I am unable to satisfy myself that everything has been done to make this measure as good as it could be." There is no doubt that this is correct.

However, given her concern about the contents of this measure why walk out halfway through a meeting discussing important amendments to it, changes that would go some way towards dealing with her concerns? And why not go to the subsequent meeting? After all she is still a member of the legislation committee and thus able to influence the outcome of its deliberations. One cannot help but feel that this resignation was less than voluntary.
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