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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pro-nuclear party

In his latest post on the proposed nuclear power plant for Anglesey, Tory Parliamentary Candidate Glyn Davies hits one particular nail firmly on the head.

Despite the fact that Plaid Cymru claim to be an anti-nuclear party, the replacement for Wylfa has the full support of the island's AM, Ieuan Wyn Jones, who also happens to be Plaid leader and Deputy First Minister of the National Assembly for Wales.

Ieuan makes the point that he is defending the economy of the constituency he represents. But as Glyn says: 'It would be OK if he was a backbencher. But he's not. He's the Leader. In my book, that makes Plaid Cymru a pro- nuclear power party, and that's what it should say on the tin.'
on the same sort of problem where do you stand on neurosurgery. Last time the debate was had you argued "as a local AM" that it should remain in Swansea. Yet your party supported it being moved to cardiff. You are the health spokesperson so do you believe it should be moved or do you believe it should stay?
This is off-topic so I am not going to allow a thread to develop on this subject.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have never had a policy position on the location of neurosurgery. It has always been a matter for individual members to decide their own position on it in accordance with their own constituency interest. It should be noted though that the previous Welsh Lib Dem health spokesperson agreed to the inclusion of a commitment in the Rainbow Alliance Agreement to retain neurosurgery in Swansea.

I have been consistent throughout on this and have argued since my appointment that the two site one unit proposal is the best short term solution (thus retaining neurosurgery at Morriston) but that if we were to move to a single site it should be in Swansea.

I am surprised you are not aware of this. I said so in a Western Mail article two weeks ago, I said so on Dragon's Eye before Christmas, I have said so twice on Radio Wales (and my last interview is referenced on the Inside Out Swansea blog) and I said so yesterday in an interview for ITV Wales. I have also said so in two press releases that are on my personal website. I hope that this is clear enough for you.
Isn't this Plaid all over? Their double-standards and deceit truly are to be reviled.
"Isn't this Plaid all over? Their double-standards and deceit truly are to be reviled."

What a pompous little comment.

It's quite clear that IWJ supports nuclear because thousands of his constituents depend on it. I am a Plaid voter and I'm anti-Nuclear. Though Id rather have a leader who stuck his neck out than one who tried to please everyone all of the time.

Smear all you like, Anon, but parties have internal differences, and ideals are compromised all the time. I'd say that compromising because thousands of your constituents are in danger of losing jobs is pretty good. On reflection, it;s better than doing things like going to war because George Bush says so, or dropping inheritance tax because the Tories says so, or trying to cover up MP expenses because your leader tells you etc etc.

Here's to IWJ. Someone who 'represents' his constituents and not just himself or even the party line.
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