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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joined up government?

According to this article in Computer Weekly nearly a year ago now, the troubled £447m project to provide a national case management system for magistrates courts should have been rolled out to all 370 magistrates courts in England and Wales by the end of last year. This scheme is already 16 years late and will cost nearly three times more than expected.

I have no knowledge as to whether this roll-out has been completed on time and to budget and would welcome any information anybody has. However, a memo I saw recently suggested that the system is incapable of issuing bi-lingual summonses.

So much for joined-up government.
But Peter.....

You are well aware that the LCO to have a Welsh Language Commissioner wasn't voted for by Plaid Cymru, if they aren't interested in the Welsh Language, why should the rest of us be.

When summonses go out in JUST English, we'll see if the likes of Bethan Jenkins and Dai Lloyd start ranting off in Welsh about how this oppresses Welsh culture, we can then remind them that they voted AGAINST the Welsh Language Commissioner LCO!
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