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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Forever delayed

Betsan Powys has had a whisper that all is still not well with the Welsh Language Legislative Competence Order. It appears that when the Secretary of State for Wales told the Assembly before Christmas that the order had been scrutinised by officials and was sitting on his desk awaiting sign-off some may have come away having drawn the wrong conclusion.

According to Betsan, there is still no agreement as to whether criminal sanctions should apply to those who are in breach of any measures arising from the order, whilst there are other issues that remain "to be resolved at the political level".

All-in-all this saga looks like it will run and run. There is still a major stand-off between the One Wales Government and Westminster that is not going to be resolved easily. Will a UK Government veto on controversial matters prove to be the only way forward again?
Will the Government veto it again?

According to Rhodri Morgan, just because it's happened once, doesn't mean it will happen again.

So almost certainly yes, then.
According to the BBC this morning (if you de-code the language they use) it's almost certain that Murphy will say NO! Nia Griffith MP for Llanelli virtually confirmed this on GMW this am, obviously though without saying almost anything. Confirmation is in the lack of denial. I suspect there are cross words to follow and a possible crisis for Plaid.
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