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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fantasy Finance

It is fantasy finance time in the Western Mail this morning as they devote the best part of a page to discussing how we could spend the £100 million Wales is not getting as a result of money being diverted to the Olympics.

Suggestions include free childcare for the under 14s, a grant of £35 to every man, woman and child in Wales to help boost the economy, school repairs, more affordable housing, more cash for higher education and an investment in Wrexhan Football Club.

Nice work if you can get it, but surely we would be better off focussing on the money we do have and how that is being used. This is especially so when one realises that none of this £100 million would have come to the Welsh Assembly to spend. £70 million of it would be available to lottery companies and the other £30 million would be the financial spin-off from that expenditure.

Back to the drawing board I think.
How about some more money to Substance Misuse services, since a Judge recently commented that the average Class "A" drug misuser cost the taxpayer some £800,000 during their time on smack, why is the budget in Wales for such services probably less than £20 million for the whole of Wales?

Lets face facts, if you the sum of £800,000 its likely to be less than the SMAP (Substance Misuse Action Plan) for most of the smaller counties in Wales.
I disagree with anonymous.
Instead of large funding for drug rehabilitation and for drug users who have largely got themselves in a mess the money could be more wisely spent helping Alternatively abled people (who have not got themselves in a mess) or for funding leisure centres to give Free sports facilities for young people.
WAG could spend £4.6 million of this money on consultants?

Oops....they've already done that!

"...for drug users who have largely got themselves in a mess..."

This is totally untrue! Drug use is linked with social deprivation, like we got loads of in Wales.

Smack is more easily available on our streets than anytime in our history, something to do with a 6'3" Saudi called Osama bin Laden who said that he would flood the UK with opium, and he's done so.
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