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Monday, January 05, 2009

The Doctor's new assistant

Sara Bedford draws attention to this article in the Daily Telegraph, which speculates that Doctor Who's new assistant might be Lily Allen. My vote goes to Charlotte Church!
Ooh, or we could have one of our AMs as an assistant... bringing Liberal Democracy to the universe, in all places, at all times.
There's a thought, Kirsty as the new Assistant, or perhaps Ros Scott.
Just so long as at the end of each episode she doesn't take one of the guest stars up to a mike to sing a song over the closing credits. ;)
"My vote goes to Charlotte Church!"

Isn't she a bit "out of shape" (to put it nicely) for such a physically demanding role?

It would be like John Savident (Fred Elliot in Corrie) playing the role of The Doctor!
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