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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Credit crunch

Today's Sunday Telegraph reports that Labour's attempts to woo regional businessmen has not been a great success. It appears that having spent an estimated £200,000 of taxpayers' money on the Cabinet's "away-day" in northern England, the Labour Party then asked businessmen hit by the economic crisis to pay £20 each to meet Gordon Brown:

Louise Ellman, the MP for Liverpool Riverside, hosted the "Meet the PM" night at Newz, a bar in the city, last Wednesday. "I told them that I'd only cough up £20 if Brown resigned," says the unimpresssed owner of one local business.

Ellman is keen to disassociate herself from the decision to ask guests to pay to attend the two-hour drinks reception. "I don't know anything about charging for tickets," she tells Mandrake. "I don't even know if the drinks were free because my friend brought me one. The event was organised by the North West Labour Party. I told the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce about the event. It is up to them whether they chose to advertise it."

A spokesman for the chamber says: "The Labour office got in touch with us as Louise Ellman was hosting an event. We know her as we do about four events a year with her."

It is not as if the Prime Minister is Tony Blair. Some in the Labour Party clearly hanker after the good old days when they could command £150 a head or more from people keen to be seen with the former Labour leader.
This seems like a joke to me. Its not April 1st already is it?

£20 to see the PM? On yer bike!
I would pay £20 to tell this over inflated  twit what I thought of him, god the bloke has to be getting toward the worse Prime minster in living history.
Robert, twit should have an "A" in it.
The Jones Parry Convention has the right idea.Free curry for anyone who turns up on Wednesday in the Sandfields Labour Club. In Bridgend its free Chinese on the following day.In the 1930s Depression we had soup kitchens today we have free curry and a chance to learn how the Assembly works. I'm told that every member of the Convention has to cook a meal at each of the venues. You couldn't make it up
They seem to enjoy their dinners at the Square and Compass in Forge Road, any connection with the two sets of clientele?
I see we're not the only country with ridiculous politicians, although this seems a bit too much. Good luck to you all in the UK!
Take care,
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