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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Compare the Meekat.com

This is a really clever and rather fun site:

Q. Isn’t a meerkat a type of mongoose?
A. NO! This great insult! Mongoose not good enough to lick dropping from my shoe! I am meerkat and I live in mansion filthy mongoose could only dream about in wildest dreams.

did a search - found this meerkat

Scubakat - Likes to get fur wet. Scubakat can hold breath for over nine minute and knows way round an underwater ocean liner. Hunts sea-snakes with harpoon gun.

This meerkat goes to Weston Super Mare to play slot machine and snog stranger outside closed beach bar or stand in middle of gigantic empty car park when feeling sickness of home in Kalahari.
There was a great picture of a meerkat checking the clip-board of a London Zoo employee carrying out the annual census. It was in the print edition of the Indy earlier in the week, but sadly not on the web-site. There is however this from an earlier exercise.
Went to Longleat in the summer (not that we had a summer) and the Meerkats and Mongooeses (or should that be mongeese) were living together quite happily, in a communial mob, gang or clan.

A Meerkat (Suricata suricatta)is a member of the mongoose family, which consists of some thirty species.
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