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Friday, January 09, 2009

Another fine mess

It would be very easy to suggest that Plaid Cymru's three nominees for the House of Lords were being more than a little precious in demanding an explanation as to why they have been left out in the cold by the UK Government for so long. It certainly appears that it was their own naivety that got them into this position in the first place.

It cannot be denied that they the nationalists have been taken for a ride by key Labour figures who clearly made promises that could not be delivered and, in the first flush of getting into government for the first time, they walked open-eyed right into the honey-trap that had been set for them.

However, there are wider issues at stake here that go beyond the hubris of senior Plaid Cymru politicians. In particular, the question as to why membership of the United Kingdom's key second chamber, responsible for revising legislation and the scrutiny of the government, should rely on a nod and a wink from the 'usual channels'.

There is no doubt that Plaid Cymru should have greater representation in the House of Lords than they currently enjoy and it should be up to the voters to determine what that should be. The sort of patronage enjoyed by the Prime Minister over the membership of this chamber is anachronistic and its abolition long overdue. An elected second chamber is the only way forward. Alas, it is unlikely that this particular crisis will be the catalyst that will deliver one.
It is hilarious that Wigley has to go the Western Mail to get a meeting with Ieuan. Oh dear, things are bad!
little precious - moi?

(Taken from the Fawlty Towers sketch)
I thought Plaid didn't beleive in aristocracy or the Lords - or was that last week's policy?
Saunders Lewis described himself as a "strong monarchist", hence must believe in an aristocracy.

Saunders Lewis was also in favour of promoting the Welsh Language, I expect he would have welcomed a Welsh Language Commissioner - both Bethan and Dai voted against this particular LCO!

Where's Green Man these days, I could have wangled some chemistry to confuse him!!!!!!! He usually comments about all things Plaidie
little precious - moi?

Miss Piggy, I think - and notably borrowed by Paddy Ashdown for a conference speech.
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