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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Retailers critical

It really is quite depressing. As if we have not lost enough of our long-standing high street retailers the Sunday Telegraph reports new signs of desperation with thousands of supermarkets, department stores and independent shops making plans to open up on Boxing Day for the first time.

This is despite the fact that shoppers were out in force yesterday, attracted by the huge discounts on offer. Similar scenes are expected today as retailers predict that sales will total £6 billion for the weekend. Fiona Wilkinson, from credit card company Visa Europe, told the paper that sales peaked at 12.15pm yesterday when the company recorded 700 transactions being made every second.

Experts say that so far the massive cost cutting has failed to increase shops' turnover. More than two thirds of stores saw their turnover fall in the first half of December and footfall was down 11.2 per cent last week compared to the same time last year.
I was in Curry's this week and watched the manager putting up the prices of TV's he was putting the price of some up by £50, I guess now we will have a price reduction on boxing day of £50.

always nice to see these people fix the prices to make us look good when we shop.

The real problem of course if I spend money all I will be doing is what Brown wants talking out a loan to spend money again.

But sadly this year lots of people are shopping not to many are spending in my area. Llanelli I suspect will become a ghost town next year with Woolworth's closing, Labour saying Rovers and Jags will be saved even though the owner is the richest bloke in India never mind they say money goes to money, yet a small firm in my town which has been open since 1805 will close within the next few months and end to a life time of working .
Which will also mean a thoroughly miserable Christmas for all their workers of course - given that they will have to go in on the 25th to get everything ready. Plus it seems unlikely they will be paid overtime, with broad hints about impending redundancies dropped instead to make them very anxious to keep their jobs and not upset the bosses. What a hideous situation for them.
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