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Monday, December 15, 2008

A really good use for Facebook

It may just be another social networking site but as the Guardian reveals, if used properly Facebook can be very useful indeed:

Campaigns launched on the site have inspired thousands of people to join groups urging them to become members of tissue transplant registers. Joining the registers helps widen the pool of bone marrow and blood donors available and increases the chance of a match being found for patients.

The parents of 23-month-old Iona Stratton, who fell ill with leukaemia when she was 13 weeks old, launched a Facebook appeal in October to find a bone marrow donor. The appeal attracted almost 7,000 members and they found a match in Australia within weeks. Sadly, Iona died this month due to complications after her transplant, but her case shows the precariousness of the lives of people relying on donors to give them a second chance.

It is worth using it more widely in this way in my view.
funny you should mention it today I joined the organ donor list earlier today and we all should do our bit too save lives and help the ones who need it most after we've gone or during our lives. Imagine if it was our family who needed an organ transplant. it's a duty we all must take too help others. Are you on the organ donor list Peter? I don't think there should be an opt out scheme for organ donors in Wales because it's a moral desicion and if people forget to opt out it couldve been against there dying wish for there body parts to be cut up. to get more organ donations awareness and a better advertising campaign needs to be raised to get more organ donors not forcing prople to be on the list
Well, well, well...

I thought Plaid would come up with this shit:

"...Are you on the organ donor list Peter?"

I tell you what, just one more childish comment like this on this subject from Plaid and I will discontinue from giving blood, and take my name off the Bone Marrow Register of the Welsh Blood Transfusion Service in protest.

And I will have pleasure in Quoting this to everyone under the sun!

Grow up Plaid!!!!!!!!!!!

G. Lewis
Ogmore Lib Dems
Gary. I don't quite see what you are getting at. I dont think Fledging's comment had any political connotation! Unless you know something we don't.
Just seem to be having sniping comments from Plaid of late, re: money donated to the National party etc;

Thought this was a dig at Peter, I would consider it something for Peter and his family to decide if he was on an organ register or not, and nothing to do with society or other Political pundits to comment on.

I would agree wtih welshfledgling that people should be encouraged to "opt in" rather than "opt out"

G. Lewis
Ogmore Lib Dems
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