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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Enemy at the Gate

It is not for me to call for the resignation of the Welsh Conservative Leader as the Western Mail has done today, that is a matter for his party. However, it is worth noting that the whole expenses affair now has its own name and a small place in political history.

The paper has allocated a 'gate' suffix to its story, labelling it 'iPodGate' in the manner of all political scandals since 1972. Nixon has a lot to answer for.

Update: Jonathan Morgan has now come out into the open and effectively challenged his group leader's authority. It seems that he has the backing of former AM, Glyn Davies.
Peter - You are not correct as far as your interpretation of my post is concerned. In fact, I support the old lion maintaining his position at the head of the pride, despite what the Western Mail recommends. Its just that I do not criticise others for 'flexing their muscles'. I rather think you share this approach to political leadership.
And you do bite rather well, Glyn!
No choice Peter. Too many people read your blog to allow it to lie unchallenged
Who are these people? Do I live in a closet?
You probably do and it is a shame that you are let out.
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