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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Tories and devolution

According to the Daily Post David Cameron has pronounced on the future of Welsh devolution from a conference in London. Who says that nobody understands irony these days?

Mr. Cameron claims that the creation of the Welsh Assembly has not given people in North Wales the sense they control their own destiny. He may well be right to an extent but then did a succession of Tory Welsh Office overlords parachuted in from England do any better? It was the way that the Tories ran Wales between 1979 and 1997 that gave the impetus to devolution in the first place.

Mr. Cameron wants to make sure that 'devolution is real' before introducing any changes. What he fails to understand is that without full law-making powers the Assembly cannot deliver the reforms that are needed to make devolution work.
Seem to remember the Tories Parachuting candidates into Aberafan too; so it's not just North Wales.
No but I hope the remember before they get law making powers we were supossed to vote on it. Or is that now out the door like most other things done in our name.
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