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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sharpened claws at dawn

Matt Withers continues to get cattier and cattier in his weekly columns in the Wales on Sunday as this example proves:

But realistically, [Leighton] Andrews was never a serious bet for the leadership. Undoubtedly a very clever man, with an astute understanding of the media one would expect of a former head of public affairs for the BBC, Andrews affects the air of a particularly grumpy GP.

He would probably have done very well as a technocratic politician in the former East Germany but would struggle as a successor to professional man-of-the-people Rhodri Morgan, the First Minister who walks a fine line between Lech Walesa and Ken Dodd.

And that is before we read his latest musings on Lembit Öpik.
Peter Black, you are irresponsible.
You should support your colleagues. Challenge them if necessary but don't publically attack.
You are so far removed from the notion of team it is completely no surprise that the Lib Dems are limp in Wales.
Pull together. You owe it to people who crave decent leadership
Errm..these are not my comments and they are not about my political colleagues. Leighton Andrews and Rhodri Morgan are in the Labour Party I am a Welsh Liberal Democrat.

I do allow my public utterances to be constrained by party and team considerations, however it would be dishonest of me to avoid speaking out when I have strong and what I believe are well reasoned views.

Isn't what you area asking of me the sort of spin that gives politicians a bad name.
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