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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ros Scott wins Liberal Democrat Presidency

Although I supported Ros Scott for President, I did not foresee a result such as the one that was announced half an hour ago. In fact when I was asked by a journalist yesterday I said I had no idea how things were going but had the feeling that Lembit might just sneak it. How wrong can you be:

The result is as follows:

Ros Scott: 20,736 votes (72%)
Lembit Opik: 6247 votes (22%)
Chandila Fernando 1799 votes (6%)
I said to Mat as I was waiting for the result that I thought Lembit might sneak it on the "vote for the one I've heard of" vote... So happy right now :D
Ros Scott did travel around the various consituencies, and attended various functions; I didn't see anything of the other two candidates.

Ros, you must be fed up of finger buffets?
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