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Thursday, November 13, 2008

On the Post Office Card Account

There is a certain irony in the UK Government creating the post office card account as a stop gap measure to protect post offices from its own policy of taking Government services away from them, only to find that it may not be able to re-award the contract to the Post Office because of competition rules. In this sense, the UK Government was the creator of its own mess.

Today's decision to cancel the procurement exercise and to award an extension of the contract to the Post Office until 2015 is a sensible way forward and demonstrates that the government has woken up to the huge opposition to their decimation of the Post Office network.

This leaves one basic question: if it was so easy to do it this way then why start the procurement exercise in the first place with its implicit threat to 3,000 Post Office branches and the massive electoral unpopularity that goes with that?

We've got to have post offices, they will be places where our "biometric data" will be gathered before we are sent off to the concentration camps.
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