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Friday, November 21, 2008

More on the BNP

Today's Guardian reports that the leaked British National party membership list contains the names of individuals who are former members of all the mainstream political parties in England:

A former constituency chairman for the Conservatives, a former Labour prospective parliamentary candidate, and a church minister who had been at various times a Green, a Conservative and a Liberal Democrat, all went public on why they had switched parties in the wake of the leaking of a BNP members' list.

Lionel Buck said he was chairman of Ashfield Conservative association in Nottinghamshire for about four years, joining the BNP two years ago. He told the Guardian: "The way the country is at the moment, there is no major party, whether it be Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat, looking after the indigenous population."

Andrew Emerson said he had been due to fight Chichester in Sussex for the Labour party in 1997 before illness ruled him out, but joined the BNP in 2005, when he had been the party's candidate for Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

He had since tried to get elected to Chichester council, in his last attempt last month gaining 12.3% of the vote in the ward. The main reason for changing parties was "my unhappiness with the [Labour] party's open-door immigration policy, making no attempt whatever to control immigration ... and to properly control our borders".

John Stanton, who heads the Rock Dene Christian Fellowship in his home town in Rochford, Essex, with a congregation of 22, had also been a Green, a member of Ukip, a Lib Dem councillor in the 1990s and a member of the Conservatives in the 1970s.

He told the Press Association that "the flood of immigration" was a problem, as was Islam and the European Union.

He said he had been with the BNP for eight months.

It is worrying that such individuals have been taken in by the half-truths and nonsense spouted by the BNP on immigration. It is difficult to understand what they were doing in their previous parties in the first place. Their views underline the fundamental racism that permeates the BNP's policies.
Perhaps the BNP membership list should be passed to the Lord Chief Justice to see if any of our magistrates are on this list.

Ditto, the list should be sent to the Ministry of Defence and the Home Office.
on this point im hearing runours that some of the names on that list of bnp members are also supporters of loony right wing tory david davies's so called 'true wales' grouplet.

Dont know how true these rumours are but then again i suppose a link up between staunch anti-devolutionists and british fascists would make sense!

Obviously, immigration gets votes!

Just look at the leaflet the NPT Ratepayers put out in Neath:

"Did you know that Asylum seekers have move right to NHS facilities and benefits than British Nationals? Look out for the next wave of bogus asylum seekers being directed to a street near you or even moving next door!...."

No wonder Cllrs Hopkins and Richards voted with their feet.
Speaking of the BNP, have you seen this Peter?


The link to the deplorable leaflet itself is here: http://www.bnp.org.uk/organisers/store/leaflets/anit_lib_dem_leaflet.pdf

What an utterly detestable bunch the BNP are. If there ever was a case for making their very organisation illegal, this is it. Since when did throwing around sickening allegations become a method of political point scoring?

I hope the electoral commission get's involved.
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