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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gwent Levels

I have written before about the tensions between Plaid Cymru activists and their Transport Minister over the proposed M4 extension across the Gwent Levels. Clearly, the Deputy First Minister will have to balance his own party's policy against the less environmentally friendly demands of his Labour colleagues when he makes his decision as to whether to give the go-ahead to this road or not.

I have now had a message from the Campaign Against the Levels Motorway to say that Plaid Cymru's National Council voted unanimously to oppose the new M4 at the weekend. That poses a new dilemma for Ieuan Wyn Jones. As Plaid Cymru MP, Adam Price says in another context an important principle is the democratic nature of a party where it’s essential that leaders follow the policy decided upon by the ordinary members.

Will Ieuan defy his own party and give the go-ahead anyway?
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