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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dot Cym campaign continued

I said in this post that I would ask questions of the Government on the Dot Cym campaign for a Welsh top level domain. Accordingly I tabled a question to the Deputy First Minister and received this answer today:

Peter Black (South Wales West): Will the Minister make a statement on the Welsh Assembly Government’s support for the dotCym campaign. OAQ0728(ECT)

Ieuan Wyn Jones: In August I announced £20,000 funding to help the dotCym campaign prepare a bid to secure a top level internet domain in line with the One Wales commitment. My officials are working with the dotCym campaigners to refine their business plan.

good. when the .cym domain likely to come online?
The problem being that .cym needs to set up a convincing business model so Icann take them seriously. To do this they want donations, members. I don't know how many they're getting.

They're going the wrong way about it, imo. They should open registration NOW. I bet they'd get flooded with people registering their .cym domain. Of course, the domain wouldn't be online until icann approve it, but at least they can go and say "we've had 500,000 registrations so far". And you know that your name is safe.
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