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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Caption competition

I have permission from Eleanor Burnham to offer this as a caption competition so I expect some restraint from contributors.

One rather surprised rooster!
Eleanor has just won the egg and spoon race with Peter coming second!
Eleanor takes eggception to suggestions she came second in the beauty contest
Eleanor caught in a chicken and egg situation.
One of the many turkey's in WAG
Wales's first attempt at a genetically modified chicken?
Eleanor - why didn't you get a budgie like any normal person.
... must... resist... male bird... jokes...
Reminds me of a bird joke:

A Labour councillor goes to the doctors with a chicken on his head. "How did that start?" said the doctor, "it started as a boil on my bum" said the chicken.
Why does the large bird on the right have fur? It's a bird not a mammal.
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