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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baked Alaska

The BBC report that veteran Republican Senator, Ted Stevens has finally lost his bid for a seventh term in office after a knife-edge race against Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich. The Democratic candidate led the Senate's longest-serving Republican by 3,724 after Tuesday's count, with only 2,500 overseas votes to be tallied.

It is the first time Alaska has elected a Democrat to the Senate for 30 years. Mr. Begich's election also means that a possible route for Sarah Palin to get to Washington DC has been closed down.

Mr Stevens was convicted last month of lying about gifts he had received from an oil company. If he had won re-election he would almost certainly have been thrown out of the Senate by his colleagues creating a special election that Ms. Palin would have been favourite to win.

It is on such events that political careers are built (or not).
This is really very good news. Palin had been saying, smugly, that if the Almighty was to open doors for her into the Senate so that she could advance her career and put her views across then she would certainly walk through them.

Well, since the doors are clearly shut, do you think she'll take the Divine hint ?
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