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Friday, October 24, 2008

To blog or not to blog - the movies

A rather long video split into six featuring the opening remarks of the six speakers in Tuesday's debate on blogging in the Assembly.

In order, there is me, Eleanor Burnham AM, BBC blogger Betsan Powys, Annabelle Harlle from the Electoral Reform Society, Matt Wardman of the Wardman Wire and Victoria Winckler, who is Director of the Bevan Foundation. Daran Hill of Positif Politics is in the chair.

Other coverage of the debate can be found on Bethan Jenkins' blog here and here, on Betsan Powys' blog, from Victoria Winckler, Matt Wardman and Dianne Selden amongst many others. We really have consumed ourselves this time.

If anyone can't wait I've added the next two here:


Matt :)
Yes, I left them loading onto YouTube whilst I did surgeries. Now I am back I will load them here.
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