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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sebastian Coe denies insult to Wales

Sebastian Coe has denied that he has disregarded fears by the Welsh and Scottish Football Associations that the formation of a British soccer team for the 2012 Olympics will undermine their status within FIFA and could lead to individual national teams being excluded from international competitions.

Lord Coe is alleged to have waved aside objections with an expletive, an act that he denies. Damon Lord has the cached version of thelondonpaper's original story, which has now disappeared from its website.

Whether or not Lord Coe used the anglo-saxon expletive he is accused of deploying, the impact of the decision to proceed with a GB team amounts to much the same thing. In this case the action speaks as loudly as the words. The London Organising Committee have effectively put up two fingers to legitimate concerns about the consequences of their actions.
This is nonsense. Welsh players will no doubt relish the chance to play in the Olympics, as will players from other nations in this country.

Get the politicians out of football and ask the players and the fans what they want to see. A British team would be a great boost and would no doubt stand a great chance of glory.

Why not sign up Alex Ferguson to run the show now? (I'm not a Manc fan but he clearly has the best record in British football by several country miles.

Then, when the Olympics is over we can all go back to our little silos
Wit and Wisdom - The four fan federations of the Home Nations also oppose a Team GB - they have nothing to do with the politicians, nothing to do with the blazers, they're the fans and they don;t want it.

EVen if we ignore the expletive then the more diluted version on Sky News shows just the same two fingers attitude:

"The Scottish FA and Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party are bitterly opposed to the Prime Minister's plan. But Seb answered that in very blunt terms when I raised it with him and said their objections would be over-ridden."
So the Olympics come to this country but we can't even field a football team. What does that say about our country?

My comment about politicians could equally be applied to fan federations who will be a tiny minority of the people who support their national sides.

If a British team is not fielded it will be shameful.

Finally, If Scotland wants out, let 'em out. Then the rest of us can get on with being grown ups.
hy do you assume that Scotland wants out but then assume that Wales doesn't?

I'm yet to meet a single person who wants or would support a football Team GB, from any country.

It's got nothing to do with being childish - Blatter has admitted that playing as a single team, even just once, would make FIFA countries ask why we keepmplaying apart and could lead to the end of the Welsh football team. That's why the FAW is against it, that's why the WAG is against it, that's why the Fan federations is against it and that why the fans are against it.
Let us get one thing perfetly clear, Wales would never put its status as an independant footballing nation at risk, just so a united front can be put on for the eyes of the world in london in 2012, we value our independance in the world of football, if Wales joined up to this idea there is a very real risk we could be forced to join a UK football team permanently, so for those n upport of team gb 2012 football, Wales is not stopping you from having your team,we are saying we dont want anything to do with it, put 11 Englishmen out whats the problem, all we are saying is there will be no Welsh players available, and any Welsh player who put himself forward will risk being banned from playing for Wales again, I think what people need to realise is this, the FAW have the backing of the people of Wales wholeheartedly on this issue, and nothing will change, and i hope your olympics ia a success
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