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Thursday, October 16, 2008

John Cleese on Sarah Palin

John Cleese is being too kind to Sarah Palin in my opinion. She is a dangerous christian fundamentalist whose knowledge on foreign affairs amounts to knowing where Russia is.

How can anyone who calls her children Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig be taken seriously?

Apart from that, if 72 year old not very healthy McCain becomes president - she is a heart attack away from becoming president herself.

In the 21st century, does America really need a creationist as it's president?

After 8 years of a president who could hardly string a coherent sentence together, surely it's time America tried to claw back some respect and credibility in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Obama is the only one who may be able to do that.
supporters of the obama ticket should be pleased that mcCain chose the self declared 'pitbull in heels' as his running mate, as since this bizarre decision - surely the worst by any presidential candidate in living memory - obama has opened up a relentless lead in the race for the us presidency.

Before opting for palin mcCain and obama were neck and neck - obama now has a double digit lead according to most polls and there are whispers of 'landslide' among american political pundits.

All palin has succeeded in doing since joining the mcCain team is turning 'independent' and undecided voters away from the republicans in droves, recoiling at the repugnant and frightening tone of her rallies and the outrageous cries of 'kill him' from some of her equally repugnant and frighteneing supporters. True to her political form not once has the loathesome and ignorant palin condemned these disgusting calls.

Fact is the pitbull in lipstick is the best thing that could have happened to the obama campaign! Thankyou so much sarah and goodbye!

"Be careful what you wish for".

Roll on November 5. I fear Europe is in for a big surprise - a reborn Protectionist America, that's what the big American Unions want, and Obama has promised them they will get 'what they wish for', but this will come at a severe cost to open world trade.

Quite frankly I dont care whether she believes in dinosaurs or not. You are just as bad as those right wingers who claim that Obama is a closet radical Islamist. And what the hell does John Cleese know about running a country? I can remember when he was funny. I would. Now, Joe Biden, he's funny apparently he told a crowd that "jobs" is spelt with 3 letters.

BTW I probably would vote for Obama.
Well the article in the Times puts it differently, “Sarah Palin seen as beacon of hope as defeat at poll looms”.


Palin has definitely appealed to the Republican base and pulled in a lot of money for the GOP. I happen to think that Palin is in a win-win situation regardless of how it goes on Nov 4.

From a post:
“Palin has a big following - even if Palin doesn't get her party's nomination for President in 2012, Palin will likely get the "VEEP" spot. I realize that most of the press in the UK is biased against Palin and likes to mock her, but facts are facts, Palin is very popular among the GOP base, she raises a lot of money for the GOP, and the crowds she pulls in – HUGE.

Down in FL she pulled in such HUGE crowds, at events in the Midwest she has pulled in bigger crowds than Obama; if memory serves at one Midwest event at a stadium Palin filled it to the brim and Obama who was in the area for an appearance had empty seating at his event – the venue was too big for the crowd he attracted whereas Palin filled every seat.

It seems everyone wants to see her - the crowds are overwhelming enthusiastic for her. Given this level of popularity and ability to raise funding for the GOP I am disinclined to write off Palin, but mother time will reveal all that is to be revealed to us.”

PS – Morgan you are right on bro. The Palin/dinosaur story was debunked as a while back – evidently Matt Damon, like Frankie, likes to believe in made-up stories.
Fact - mcCain was level in the polls until he asked the rabidly right wing alaskan governor and 'creationist' palin to join his ticket.

Fact - palin has recently been found guilty of abusing her position as governor of alaska

Fact - palin appeals to no one except the most right wing reactionary elements of the republican support.

Fact - she has not uttered one word of condemnation of those cries of 'kill him' (obama) made by some of her supporters at her apparently 'nuremburg' style rallies

Fact - she has no appeal whatsoever outside of this narrow extreme right wing base.

Fact - obama now has a double digit lead over mcCain and there is serious talk of a landslide victory for obama/biden over mcCain/palin

Fact - she has been an enormous liablity to mcCain's campaign.

Fact - the self declared pitbull will be going back to her oft refered to 'kitchen table' after the election and will never get near to the white house again (unless of course US republicans wish to remain locked away in a unelectable extreme right wing ghetto forever that is).

Leigh> Palin attracts a huge following; she has pulled in a huge amount of money for the GOP. As to the alleged 'abuse of power' - the same report stated that her firing of Monegan was legal. Also, you seem to forget that Obama bought land off fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko to add to his mansion in Chicago. Obama gained financially from that land deal. Palin did not gain financially from her legal firing of Monegan (a governor or mayor for that matter is within his/her rights to fire anyone in a politically appointed position with or without cause – Monegan was in such a position – Palin could have fired him without or without cause the moment should took up office as State Governor.

When Obama takes power he will fire people in charge of, e.g., the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Patent Office, any government agency head in a politically appointed position. Same goes for every state governor - they can, and do, fire staff who occupy positions at the behest of the governor. It is not a question of requiring cause - these people are in politically appointed positions - Monegan in Alaska was in such a position. It is no different from Gordon Brown's ability to fire his Ministers - they are there purely at his pleasure - he can let them go anytime he likes, he can fire them if he dislikes them.

Wales needs a similar set-up. It is no wonder that Wales even with a population actually greater than Alaska is at the bottom of the British economic league tables in terms of GVA per head of population. The Welsh economy generates jobs, but for the most part low paid jobs.

Contrast First Minister's popularity in Wales with that of Palin - Palin enjoyed a super-high popularity rating in her state of Alaska - if memory serves 80% and it was the highest among the state governors ... facts that you seem keen to ignore. Palin is well known for fighting corruption and is very popular in Alaska. Of course she has political enemies in Alaska, the person in overall charge of the investigation of the Monegan firing was/is a Democratic State Senator who said at the beginning of the investigation that there will be a report on Palin in the run up to the national election, such a statement throws grave doubt on the neutrality of the investigation. It is very unlikely that anything will come of the report because it stated quite clearly that Monegan’s firing was legal, that as State Governor Palin was within her rights to fire Monegan – in fact any state governor can hire/fire anyone in a politically appointed position in state government. Same goes for Gordon Brown. Even the leader of the opposition can hire/fire shadow ministers. You seem to forget that.

Palin has energized the GOP base, is pulling in HUGE crowds at rallies - a local rally near where I lived had people lining up for hours to ensure they got a place.

I think you are reading too many biased newspaper articles - I doubt if you have been within 10 miles of a Palin GOP rally, yet you act like you have expertise on US politics. I doubt if you even understand how the U.S. Constitution works, how Congress works, how Federal and State laws work.
anonymous i know how the US constitution works thanks. I studied US politics at university, have folowed us politics all my adult life amd my wife is an american!

Yes palin has drawn crowds - pretty unpleasant ones it has to be said - to her rallies but all she is doing is energising the most right wing sectins of the GOP support. To repeat she has no appeal outside this narow base whatsoever! To repeat since she joined the mcCain ticket obama has opened up a significant lead in the polls! To repeat she has not uttered one word of condemnation of the cries of 'kill him' (obama) made by her supporters at these rallies you seem to be so impressed by!


ps she was found guitly of abusing her psoition as governor of alaska - it is not 'alleged' it is FACT.
Sorry, with some of the typos fixed:
Leigh> The report also confirmed that Governor Palin had the absolute right to fire Commissioner Monegan. You forgot to add that fact to your list!

There's no actual finding in the investigation that Palin gained financially - contrast that finding to the fact (another one you have ignored) where Obama DID gain financially when he bought land from Rezko to add to his mansion in Chicago.

The report into Palin had a strong partisan basis - the Democratic State Senator in overall charge uttered one-way biased comments very early on. In court that would arguably mean that the investigation lacked due process because it was not a neutral investigation - that Senator should have reclused himself immediately after making those public statements.

The fact that you may be married to an American does not give you expertise in Constitutional Law, and certainly studying Politics hasn't given you any inkling into the meaning of "due process" which was lacking in the Palin investigation. Still further, there has only been a report - there has been no impeachment. Palin has enemies in Alaska, but she also has an 80% approval rating - another fact you have ignored.

You just want to railroad this woman and find her guilty no matter what. Thanks for confirming your real motivation.
Well, I know plenty of ordinary folks who like Palin - also Palin's youngest daughter; she's the talk of the town at a local hairdressing salon. It seems Leigh has the Obama view of working class rural folks in Middle America.
to our palin supporting friends i would like to point out that i dont doubt sarah palin has support among sections of the american electorate - but it is undeniably from the far right wing fringes of the electorate. (and the occassional hair salon apparently)

This is ok so far as building a base for the GOP nomination in 2012goes - which its clear to everyone she is now intent on doing much to the annoyance of mcCain, the two are now barely on speaking terms outside of political rallies apparently.

But her hero worship status among america's far right fringe does nothing to get the GOP nearer to the white house in 2008 which of course is what we are discussing here - in fact this far right wing pitbull tag is a enormous liability to the republican ticket, a reality palin supporters seem incapable of grasping!

But then they dont care do they as they are clealy building for 2012 and appear to be more than happy to sacrifice poor mcCain in the process!

By the way do you endorse the 'kill him' cries made about obama made repeatedly at palin rallies?

Leigh> Obama has made some pretty big promises to the American workers unions in exchange for their endorsements. By 2012 the unions will expect Obama to deliver on his promises - dismantling or renegotiating NAFTA and rewriting (with the Legislature) the Federal tax code or be in the active process of doing those things to 'encourage' American companies to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA.

Like many Palin obsessed critics you miss the obvious, the ball is in Obama's court. Just as jobs and the economy have almost killed McCain's chances of winning in November, Obama might well be facing the same issues in 2012 and this time against you nemesis, the governor of Alaska who by the way has an 80% approval rating – which contradicts your assertion that Palin only appeals to the right wing extremist elements.
Biased Leigh> As to the "kill him" comments - these have already been debunked - evidently you like to believe in made up stories too. Clearly you want "due process" applied on a selective basis and you fail want to ignore Palin's massive popularity in her home state; 80% approval rating - does the First Minister in Wales have such an approval rating?

You seem so wound up about things happening in American. Why not be more concerned about things Welsh. For example, the pathetic state of the Welsh economy. Where is it? Oh, at the bottom of the British economic league tables in terms of GVA per head of population.
Er..just to put this in perspective Palin may have an 80 per cent approval rating in Alaska but that state is hardly the most liberal in the USA nor is it in anyway representative of America as a whole.
True Peter, but the fact remains Palin has an 80% approval rating. Also she took on GOP incumbents and won, one of them went to jail. So Palin certainly has enemies in Alaska even in her own party - but the voters in Alaska approved of her taking on corruption even when it meant going up against leaders in her own party.

Palin's goal is to generate jobs for Alaskans and Americans. She believes that the 700 million US dollars that goes to foreign countries should stay in America to generate jobs for Americans. In some respects there is overlap between Palin and Obama. Both promise more jobs for Americans. In that sense both are patriots and both deserve support.

If Obama wins, and this is looking likely, Americans should get behind him without regard for party affiliation. It is VITAL in the present economic climate that Americans unify behind their leader. I'm a pragmatist, America needs good leadership and needs to be united. So whoever wins I hope that happens. But come 2012 Obama should be on the road to delivering on his promises on jobs for Americans - or he will risk being where McCain is right now, being pulverized because of the job/economic situation in America.

I happen to like Obama on many levels - I want him to deliver on jobs, I want him to do what he has promised to do, put America first. Imho, Obama has no choice but to take on the WTO and NAFTA - the WTO has done incredible harm to blue-collar jobs in states like OH, MI, PA, and so on.

Many working families in America are sick to the back teeth with the way the global economy has worked against them, from their perspective they have been forced out of the high paying manufacturing jobs into the low paying service sector. They are VERY ANGRY. Many are behind on their mortgage payments, many are in PATHETIC conditions, many don't have health care, but these are very hard working people - but their futures are screwed up - they feel they are being shat upon because their jobs have gone overseas. They WANT THEIR JOBS BACK. That's how they see it. And they are going to vote for the candidate that promises to give them their jobs back. Obama had better deliver on his promise or they will likely be more amenable to vote against Obama in 2012.

The blue-collar are not voting based on ideology, but on the promise of JOBS. Obama should realize that or be prepared to be ousted come 2012. It won’t matter a dime what Palin’s views are on shooting or whatever, the blue collar votes in the swing states see jobs as the key issue. For them, its not about ideology, its about JOBS. THEY WANT THEM BACK. Europe is in for a nasty surprise.
"the pathetic state of the Welsh economy" says one of our anonymous sarah palin supporting friends! Well excuse me but - largely thanks to 8years of the GOPs george bush and his voodoo economics - the US economy is hardly in good state right now! Indeed it was the dire state of the economy at George dubyah's hands that propelled obama to his early lead in the polls of course!

'obsessed'? hmm i hope you are not going to descend into personal abuse in this discussion - it does neither you nor sarah palin any credit! But perhaps it shows you are losing the argument - in the same way that mcCain/palin have resorted to disgusting smears on barak obama as they are losing the election! Perhaps this is a general trait of us republicans?

'Kill him' (obama) debunked? by who and when? Certainly they had not been debunked when the presidentail debate took place the other night - or are you calling senator obama a liar?

Perhaps you would also care to explain why palin was a member of a successionist movement in her beloved alaska for a number of years? And further explain how come she is now seeking - if forlornly - the us vice presidency, given that she for a time actively supported alaska leaving the united states?

incidentally it should be pointed out that the panel that found palin guilty of abusing her position as governor of alaska contained FOUR democrats and TEN republicans! So much for the claim that the report was some kind of democrat 'conspiracy' against palin!

Further the investigation was begun well before palin even became a vp candidate!

I just have to say...

I have just watched the final presidential debate between Obama and Mccain. It is quite clear to me why Obama is streets ahead in the polls. He sticks to talking about the issues that matter during this election. No matter what Mccain throws at him he still comes back to the main message which is the economy, healthcare, sending kids to college, etc. Thus proving that he really does mean it when he says he wants an end to politics as usual - the tit for tat politics of Washington. Mccain however, is stuck between a rock and a hard place in that he cannot talk about these issues because he is associated with the failed policies of the past 8 years in all of these areas.

Over the past 12 months I have found an uncanny resemblance between Obama and the Lib Dems - the only difference being that Obama has been able to get the message out to the masses whilst the Lib Dems still struggle to do this. I don't think its a leadership issue with the Lib Dems to be honest because I actually think that Nick Clegg and Vince Cable have it spot on. Maybe its more to do with funding (or lack thereof) than we originally thought? Maybe?
One more point I just picked up on during the Presidential debate...

In the US it is almost abhorrent to expect an employee to be taxed on their healthcare benefit paid by their employer. I also believe that it should be equally abhorrent in this country, yet I get taxed on my healthcare benefit even though my burden on the NHS budget is, at the least, very much reduced maybe even erradicated. How can it be right that a person, who has private healthcare benefit in the UK, is expected to pay tax on that benefit even though they will not be calling on the NHS resources?

Could somebody please answer this question because I am actually quite bemused by it?
Leigh> kickback, relax and keep taking the tablets.
hi my american friend! Not taking any tablets thanks - perhaps i could take some of yours? But yes am relaxing today and hope you are too.

Have enjoyed the discussion
leigh, swansea.
Sure thing Leigh > maybe we can meet up when I'm back in Wales and discuss more - over a few beers. Just a hobby my end, no doubt the same your end. Life is too short to be too consumed with such things. Have a nice weekend - and yes, I am very willing to share my antacid tablets with you! Good luck mate!
Richie - the allocation of UK taxes to certain areas of expenditure ended a long time ago. Your taxes are not related to goverment spending in any way other than in a very general sense.

National Insurance and tax have nothing to do with the level of health service funding. It's the same principle as the government collecting billions in petrol and road tax on cars, but only a fraction of this is spent on transport.
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