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Sunday, October 12, 2008

In which I declare my support for Ros Scott

I have held off announcing who I will be supporting for Party President so far mostly because I have been genuinely undecided. However, I have now made up my mind. This has nothing to do with Lembit's attitude and demeanor in Welsh Party Conference yesterday, which in my view was appalling, but everything to do with who will be best for the party.

I think that both Ros and Lembit would make outstanding Party Presidents but it seems to me that Ros has better thought through the role and how she will deal with it. Her focus is on the members, rather than the party establishment and I think that is the right way to approach this job.

When I get my ballot paper I will be casting my vote for Ros.
She gets my vote too.

G. Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
"This has nothing to do with Lembit's attitude and demeanor in Welsh Party Conference yesterday, which in my view was appalling..."

What did he do then...?
"This has nothing to do with Lembit's attitude and demeanor in Welsh Party Conference yesterday, which in my view was appalling"

Given that the majority did not attend the Conference (although I would have liked to :( ) care to give us some more detail on that?

I'm not seeking a rant against lembit or anything of the sort btw. I'm simply curious as to what exactly he said that you thought was unacceptable, or if it wasn't what he said so much, how you think it came accross to the people there etc...?
I think NOT supporting the Serial Jinxer Lembit Is a good career move - Having Lembit come out and publically thank you after would have been the kiss of death for your Career Peter. Lembit also publically Supported Charles Kennedy,Mark Oaten, Ming Campbell & Chris Hunhe - Say no More!
Actually Lembit supported Nick Clegg not Chris Huhne. I have said all I am going to say about Lembit's demeanor and attitude yesterday except that in private conversation towards me he was hostile and aggressive, whilst I did not like the tone of some of his speeches. I also dislike his attitude towards the Welsh Party.
I hope, very much, that Ros and Kirsty will win through and that they really will combine to bring real change, both for the party internally and, much more importantly, for the country.
Simple join Labour then have a go at governing for once.
Two things appear to have escaped your intention Robert:

1. Labour does not look like it will be governing for much longer
2. The Liberal Democrats have been in government in both Scotland and Wales and are responsible for billions of pounds of public money right across the UK.

If the only point of joining Labour is to be in government then that party is more vacuous than I thought. The Liberal Democrats have principles and policies. We would want to be in power to implement them. We are not interested in promoting the policies of other parties.
Robert >> this was the view of two members of the Neath Port Talbot Ratepayers.


Personally, I'd rather stick red hot needles into my eyes.
Perhaps you're beginning to get Lembit Opik, Peter. He is not a particularly nice chap, even though he's at pains to portray himself as everyone's mate. He's a sham. He has NEVER been interested in Wales or Welsh affairs. For him, Wales is a means of promoting his own monster ego. No one who knows anything about Welsh politics takes him seriously. He has huge embarrassing gaps in his knowledge, and I'm talking pretty fundamental stuff here.
But how come it's taken you so long to pick up on this hostility and aggression towards your good self? I have witnessed LO briefing against you so many times and in so many ways. The truch is, he can't stand criticism....
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