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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, Dai Lloyd has a letter in this morning's Western Mail attacking me and Swansea Councillor Stuart Rice for daring to criticise the One Wales Government budget.

He calls for a rational and mature response to the One Wales' Government's budget from myself and other opposition politicians. I agree. Perhaps we could start with Dai and his colleagues ceasing to blame Westminster for all their failings, whilst taking credit for anything that goes right. They cannot have it both ways.

Dai Lloyd once more draws attention to the fixed budget available to the Assembly Government and yet that sum is due to increase by 4.6% next year. In contrast the grant being made to local Councils by Labour and their Plaid Cymru partners will only rise by 2.8%. That is the lowest increase for any individual budget under the control of the Welsh Assembly.

Such a small rise is a deliberate policy choice on the part of Labour and Plaid Cymru, it reflects their priorities not those of the Westminster Government. It also means that they have effectively passed on a huge proportion of the cost of funding local services to Council taxpayers, who will see bigger tax rises as a result.

Dai Lloyd also criticises me for suggesting that the One Wales Government has failed to give more money to affordable housing, yet the facts speak for themselves. The One Wales Agreement identified this area as a major priority. It said that Social Housing Grant should increase from the 2007/8 baseline 'by £9.5m in-year adjustment each year'. They managed to do that this year, but next year the budget for this area of work is static, a real term cut.

Not only have Labour and Plaid let down Council taxpayers but they have failed to deliver on their own promises.
The growth of the South Wales Stasi:

It's an old Labour trick to ask for a mature and rational response, belittle your opponents, the public like to see that in their politicians.

The metamorphosis from Plaid to Welsh Labour is almost complete - rejoice!!!!!
Who is Dai Lloyd?
Someone who knows the chemical formula for urine is NH2CONH2
OK take the pee Anon, but "Who is Dai Lloyd?" and more so, "Who is Bethan Jenkins, does she really exist?"
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