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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back soon

I take it, this is the Peter Black caption competition?

If it's "guess the location", I'm thinking Malta, possibly Spinola?

...but I could be wrong.
The name of the JPG is of course a dead giveaway.
Ha! Ha! Yes it is
Plaid Cymru is in charge of the pleasure cruisers with covered windows. If they crash they can blame the covered windows.
are they the ones that are going around in circles, making a lot of noise but not actually taking anyone anywhere?
As long as it has nothing to do with Corfu, yachts and Russian businessmen then there's nothing to worry about.
Every time somebody mentions that "Parish Council" in Cardiff Bay, I get a sinking feeling!
OK then Peter, put an arrow to your appartment.
Quite witty for Green Man

No yachts belonging to Russian Aluminum barons in that bay then.
Is it Victoria Dock, Caernarfon Peter ?
It may be warm and dry in Spinola, but you are missing out on all the fun here in South Wales.

Cllr Little is opening some old wounds and rubbing salt into them with various blogs, Data security breaches, women in public life, social services taking children, etc.

Miss Wagstaff the Maid of the Bay, is courting controversy with her blogs about the Labour List for the European Elections, and the various boilermakers therein.

You are missing all this and more....
Martin Eaglestone - very dry! Like it!
Victoria Dock - as Plaid envisage it.
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