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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are we what we eat?

First it was Ceredigion Council denying their pupils the opportunity to consume Marmite with their free breakfasts, now we have Rhondda Cynon Taf banning sixth formers at Tonypandy Community College from putting sugar in their tea. We also have an incidence of bought-in tomato ketchup being taken off the menu at Vale of Glamorgan primary schools.

Tomorrow the Assembly is debating a private members measure being brought forward by my Welsh Liberal Democrat colleague Jenny Randerson. Her objective as I understand it is to enable the Assembly to issue statutory guidance to schools to ensure that the food they serve is healthy. I will vote for that measure because it does not prevent pupils making their own choice as to what they eat. Education is one thing, proscription is quite another.

Schools need to work with pupils not force them to comply. I am afraid that the nanny state is flourishing under this Labour-Plaid Government. I am disappointed that local Councils are joining them in this narrow interpretation of the healthy eating agenda.
...I was going to say that not being able to have sugar in your tea takes the BISCUIT, but I expect biscuits have been banned as well!!!!!!!!

G. Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
The Vale is run by the Tories, Ceredigion by the Lib Dems, and RCT by Labour. How is Plaid assisting in this nanny state here Peter?
Because all the Councils say they are acting on WAG direction and Plaid are in Government in Wales.
I expect biscuits have been banned as well!
Only for Councillor Peters.
slightly mischievously, was Jenny Randerson originally from the statist social democratic traditon rather than the mainstream liberal one?
Peter, your very thinly veiled attack on Jenny would be far more effective if it wasn't Kirsty who chaired the Committee that gave the Measure it's strong support just last week. I am surprised that you believe attacking your colleague's Measure is good for the party in the long run. You may deny that you are attacking her, but the inference of what you are saying is very clear and I do not for a single moment believe that you are not aware of this.
Actually Sarah, I am specifically not attacking Jenny. I am surprised at the level of paranoia amongst those supporting Jenny. If I want to say something critical of Jenny then I will say it not try and disguise it. I am quite clear that Jenny's measure is the right way forward provided that the Labour-Plaid Government do not turn it into a proscribed way forward. That is not Jenny's intention and nor should it be.
For the sake of Sarah and all those others out there who believe the worst, I have amended this post slightly so as to make its meaning crystal clear.
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