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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Palin for President

It had to happen!

The "maverick" is looking more and more like a sidekick...merely going along with the powers that be...he says and does whatever he thinks his champions want to hear. Just like calling lobbyists 'birds of prey' which is a total contradiction to what his true ties with these unnecessary evils in Washington are.
‘The "maverick" is looking more and more like a sidekick ‘... perhaps so, but as someone else wrote on Ordovicius: 'So, we had better get accustomed to saying "President McCain"'.

BTW, Sarah Palin has probably boxed up Hillary Clinton too!

Sarah Palin is a star born, it’s all over for the Obama-Biden ticket. The liberal press have more or less cooked-off the Obama-Biden ticket with their out of bounds press coverage between John McCain’s announcement of Palin as his running mate and Palin’s speech at the GOP convention in Saint Paul, MN. Middle-road America feels energized and the ‘back-lash’ is underway. More specifically, the pent-up angst felt by so many middle-of-the-road American voters is now out of the bag.

To sum up, the out-of-bounds press coverage has destroyed Obama’s chances of winning the Presidency. Obama will be lucky to carry his home state of IL. Biden might have the same problem carrying his home state – the rout is going to be brutal – probably similar to the rout that Gordon Brown’s Labour Party will suffer in the next year or so.
I don't think it is going to be route ISA. McCain will only take a small amount of "Clintonistas" Palin is just too right wing for most of them!come on could you see a NARAL type voting for ultra right Palin. My prediction is that Obama will carry California New York. All the large states except probably Texas and Florida. Obama will still have a problem with the Catholic vote because he is seen as a extemist on the abortion question. Its a shame that he did not pick Bob Casey as a running mate instead of Biden, that would clinced the social catholic (left win) vote
Well, several polls now have McCain-Palin pulling ahead of Obama-Biden. For example, “the actual Gallup poll, has Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., pulling ahead of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill”.

I S American, here in the UK, we sympathise with "the pent-up angst felt by so many middle-of-the-road American voters". Unemployment is at its highest this century; money is being squandered on projects like the 'bridge to nowhere' and as for government intervention, did I hear that the Federal Government nationalised the Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac? It's time to get President Obama out of the White House! Obama and the Obama party have been running your country too long. No wonder you're angry.
Dave, unemployment rate is not the highest in a century. It’s 6.1% - if you are using absolute numbers, then of course it will be higher as the US population is at its highest, over 300 million. For example, 6.1% of 305 million (current US population) is more than 8% of 200 million.

Anyway, this is how it will probably go; McCain-Obama both agree that ordinary Americans are feeling the pressure from a slow down in the US economy.

But McCain-Palin will point out that the current slow down in the US economy will be nothing like what will happen if Obama gets into power with the tax hikes he wants to place on American businesses. Unemployment will go through the roof as American employers are forced to make cut-backs.

Obama will not bring private sector growth, only public sector growth, he will turn a slow down into a full blown depression.

So the economy issue is not going to help Obama – contra, it’s going to bury him.


Because in good times Americans could take a risk and vote for Obama, but in tough times can Americans take a risk on Obama?
PS, you mischaracterized the "the pent-up angst felt by so many middle-of-the-road American voters" of which I wrote. As the author of that phrase let me explain what I meant; Republicans have grown tepid, nervous - even anxious about expressing their Republican leanings, they have grown accustomed to holding back. They have grown nervous and worried. Why? In six letters: G.W. Bush.

… but out of the box comes Sarah Palin, a star Republican. Not an east coast elitist, not a Harvard law graduate who speaks one way one day, and another way another day. Here is a person that Republicans can believe in. Here is a woman, a mother of five, that speaks to the Republican cause, the core of the Republican party; here is a unifier and a slayer of Obama’s double talk, double speak, anti-American speech, against the US army, says he wanted to join the US military, but didn’t, said he wants to free Americans but wants to tax them into submission; says he wants more jobs for Americans, but plans to undermine American business and drive the American economy into the pits of depression.

And here comes Sarah Palin, a woman of the people, a hockey mom, and you know what she said about hockey mums? In short order, Sarah has reached deep into the hearts of the ordinary Americans and they recognize themselves in her.

Republicans from coast to coast, from the upper-Midwest to the deep south, from the north-west to the south-west, from the upper Atlantic states to the lower Atlantic states; all over, Republicans can feel good about expressing their love of country and party – their angst has gone c/o Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate.

McCain did what no one, not even anyone in his own party believed, McCain picked someone who has brought the GOP together, a unifying dominate VEEP, Sarah Palin.

In one speech Sarah Palin released the pent up anxiety of Republicans.

Republicans are free to believe again, to express their love openly as Republicans for country and party, and perhaps more importantly, swing voters have a reason to vote Republican.

Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air.

Sarah Palin is so far removed from Washington, DC, GW Bush, the ‘good ol boys’ of DC – not just in the way she thinks, but even by geography.

Sarah Palin has released the pent-up angst of her party’s followers. They can be openly Republican again, they can be confident again, they can be openly proud of their country.
Sarah Palin is boring.....bring on Michael Palin.

In addition to the various works of art that was produced by this genius and other geniuses from the Monty Python school of comedy, the great Michael Palin also brought us Full Circle, Pole to Pole and the Around the World in 80 days, several novels such as Hemingways Adventure.

In the YouTube clip did anyone notice the Polly (Connie Booth) from the British Classic Fawlty Towers (Farty Owls) in the Lumberjack Sketch?

Although I'm praising MP remember he's not the Massiah - he a very naughty boy.

G. Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
Great stuff G. Lewis. When I lived in Chicago I sometimes heard Cleese on WBEZ (part of NPR - National Public Radio) in Chicago. Palin also dropped by, he was a fan of Hemmingway if memory serves, and Ernest Hemmingway had a place in Oak Park - a burb just south of Chicago, "Franklin Wright country" (imho and others, Wright who loved Wales was one of America's greatest architects, his Falling Waters creation is MAGNIFICO - a forgotten son of Wales.

Cleese loved Chicago, but wanted somebody to move it south, park it near Miami or FL Keys. Cleese found Chicago winters hard to swallow.
Oh oh ho ... big BOOM coming, and no LHC required ... oh no...


... C/o the chair person of the Democratic Party in SC (South Carolina) - you heard it here and/or on Glyn Davies blog. Said Democrat leader said (just a couple of hours ago): "The only qualification that Palin has is that she didn't have an abortion".


Such an awful sexist/misogynistic/dreadful/put-down comment about a woman's qualifications.

This awful comment from a senior Democrat is going to hit the news faster than *take your pick*.

Like what I wrote earlier - it's all over for the Democrats, they are now melting down in disarray - talk about 8*8 arrays/matrices - we are witnessing Obama-Biden campaign meltdown - their campaign is collapsing inwards so fast it is generating heat supernova style, at some point the implosion is going to turn into an explosion.
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