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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thank goodness August is nearly over

I had been quite looking forward to August. I had two weeks stay-cation planned in which I would explore South Wales from the comfort of home, plus lots of leafletting, some days in the Cardiff Bay office and quite a few visits around my region. Alas the weather stymied most of those plans, particularly the visits and the leafletting.

What is worse the silly season has been as dire as ever. Even Matt Withers has been scraping around for copy, though to be fair he has managed to avoid any mention of the Cheeky Girls today. Nevertheless, I quite enjoyed these two stories from his column:

The Tories have been turning their guns on the Assembly Government throughout the recess, banging out press releases at the rate to two to three a day thanks largely to a huge amount of damaging information culled from Freedom of Information requests.

But, judging from their latest effort, they have run out of ideas.

Hence Shadow Environment Minister Darren Millar’s call that “Education the key to preventing grassland fire”.

“People young and old need to be fully aware of the consequences of their actions, no matter how unintentional,” he says. Really?

NOT that things are much better among the spin doctors of Welsh Labour. A message on their answerphone tells hacks that, if their query is about a “national” issue, they should phone the London office. Hmmm. Does Welsh Labour not consider Wales a nation anymore?
The funniest press release i had from the tories was about the F.A. cup final.
half an hour before the game they were wishing Cardif city well.
Two minutes after the final whistle another press release was issued saying how Cardiff city had done Wales so proud.
Spinning the football if ever there was!
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