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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Silly Season?

Who says that newspaper editors struggle to fill space during the summer months? The Daily Telegraph has all of today's best stories:
Meanwhile The Times gives us the lowdown on what is really going on in the Olympic Village, not to mention a list of the 15 worse teachers in the movies. Thank goodness it is Saturday!
Well, I suppose WAG's 'achievment' in securing second home expenses on such things as kitchen bowls while delivering a Welsh economy that is at the bottom of the British economic league tables in terms of GVA per head of popultion is so 'what we expect' from the Welsh Assembly Government that it's not news.
PS ... surprised that you didn't offer up a comment on Obama's Vice President pick ... I just hate the way everyone on the US side of the wee pond has been using the term "VEEPEE". At least it sounds like VEEPEE to this non-Welshman's ears instead of VP.
Regarding the Pigeons, if the Royals are coming to town, then the pigeons should be given senokot & prunes.
its silly weather too here in West wales......those people who are skipping abroad have done the right thing to avoid the endless rain, oh well!
Re: Blears. Have you seen her "empowerment" blog?

It's hilarious.
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