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Friday, August 15, 2008


The difficulties of settling back into normality after a lifetime of political service were highlighted in the Glamorgan Gazette this week with a touching tale about the mistrust that still exists between the current Labour administration on Bridgend County Borough Council and a former colleague.

The paper reports that former Council Leader, Jeff Jones applied to become a governor of the new Maseteg Comprehensive School only to be rejected by the Council's Labour Cabinet on the basis that he did not meet the criteria.

Mr. Jones, who is a regular contributor to this blog, is a university graduate with a teaching qualification. He taught in a comprehensive school; chaired a major UK examination board; has been education spokesperson for the whole of Welsh local government; had 15 years' experience as a school governor; and chaired three governing bodies. He was also Council leader when the plans for the new comprehensive school were drawn up.

As Mr. Jones says: "I wonder what they are afraid of?"
Why the mock surprise from you Peter; why the mock surprise from Jeff Jones; why the mock surprise from the local newspaper Glamorgan Gazette; why the mock surprise from anyione ?????? This is the way South Wales Labour has always worked and always will work. This is why we need to kill them off with a stake deep into the heart, as garlic and sunlight are not strong enough to exterminate these blood suckers and also their crony Plaid Cymru butties in Cardiff and their Tory toadies in Swansea!!!
Although well qualified both in experience and academically, Mr Jones is obviously out of favour with the Llynfi Labour Party.

(Join the club)

G. Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
Essentially the same story In re WAG - never mind what Wales needs.
Peter, Maybe you would like to comment on the problem appointing a new Governor in Dunvant, was the Lady chosen not qualified?
I don't think I should comment actually as I am not sure if the process of appointment has concluded or not. However, I fully support the Swansea Cabinet's decision so far and can understand their reasons for taking it. As for qualifications then no, the lady concerned does not have half those of Jeff Jones.
Green Man - I'm glad to see that you recognise (and hopefully more people will become aware) that is the way Labour (aka South Wales Stasi) works; if only it was as simple as crucifixes, garlic, wooden stakes, silver bullets, holy water etc.

I came in for some Political Diatribe from one of the Llyfi Valley Labour in this weeks Gazette, he also choose to criticize my fellow candidate in the May 1st elections since he stood in Maesteg West although he lives a few miles up the valley in Caerau.

The Labourite in question lives in Duke St., Maesteg East, and was deselected from this ward and was put to stand in the Coychurch Lower Ward, which is quite close to the Bristol Channel and quite a few miles from Gods Little Acre (a.k.a. Maesteg), of course these “rules” which are made up on the spur of the moment don’t apply to the South Wales Stasi.

G. Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
What "Lady" from Dunvant? You must be joking!It's time you delved into the background of that woman. Ask the Ombudsman for a start. Ask her about her Boudicea Leaflet. Indeed ask a lot of questions.
Don't worry, we do know how south wales labour works, and it's rotten for sure, and was as far back as the early 80s. This is why the LDs have to work with whoever, Plaid in Cardiff, Indies in Swansea, Tories in Newport, whaever, jusy to get them out of office, open things up and see what's been going on.

And the outrage from labour hacks will get worse because, having abandoned their political compass (socialism) they have no point or purpose beyond staying in power for power's sake. They are politically bankrupt, know it and turn their anger on those who hold the mirror up to them.

Stick at it, and make sure that the stake is driven in hard and deep.
From this side of the pond, Labour resembles the "boss" politics of Huey Long's Louisana, or even Mayor Tweed's New York, frightening (except Long was actually popular)
No comments from anyone in Maesteg East!
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