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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A note on comments

I have already made it clear on this blog that I do not tolerate trolls who hide behind their anonymity to make snide and destructive party political points.

I am happy to address most contributions, even the drunken ones if they are coherent, but I am not going to engage with negative sniping from those who do not have the guts to add their names or a consistent on-line identity to their comments. Such postings will not be published. Anonymous comments with a constructive contribution to make to the discussion, even if it is critical will continue to be posted.

I am now going to have to make another rule. If you are going to adopt the identity of a real person such as a journalist or another politician so as to make a comment then that will not be published either, irrespective of its merits. I am not going to allow their reputations to be undermined by publishing comments made in their name when they have not been party to them. Personation will not be tolerated.

Obviously it is not always easy to spot these but if I do or if my attention is drawn to them then such comments will be removed.
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