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Friday, August 15, 2008

Late night messages

At some stage we have all been regaled with stories of friends and colleagues who have gone out for the night, got very drunk and then sent a series of embarrassing text messages to ex-partners, co-workers and family that they were still squirming over months later.

Judging by the number and content of the anonymous comments that were posted on this blog in the early hours of this morning, drunken texting has been replaced by inebriated surfing. I have deleted them all in the interests of coherence and good taste, something that this blog constantly strives to achieve.
Yeah right ... well, I'm not drunk by ethanol (the 'active ingredient' of alcohol), but I recall one night emailing my American girl friend telling her that I didn't love her anymore and that's that. Problem was I pasted the bad news into a reply to a Professor at Connecticut University (Farringdon, CT if memory serves) and off it went. A few hours later got a call from the Prof telling me he was worried that I might be having gf problems and I might not settle in CT. I told him my ex was actually an American in the "UP" in MI (Upper Peninsula, Michigan) and anyway I was free to marry his daughter (British humour). That went down like a brick dropped in soap suds. Never did get that post-doc.
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