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Sunday, August 24, 2008

First amongst equals

The Sunday Times reports that Boris Johnson harbours ambitions to be Prime Minister one day. They say that this may cause a rift between the London Mayor and David Cameron and urge the Tory leader to watch his back.

There is just one problem. Boris Johnson is no longer an MP. The chances of him becoming Prime Minister instead of Cameron are therefore infinitesimal. Are the serious papers really that desperate for stories during the summer months?
Rebekah says it reminds her of similar local infighting spats in Swansea Labour between "Little Miss Privet" and "Little Miss Pervert"!
Just seen Boris in the Closing of the Olympics - I think I'd rather see Sir Les Patterson!
Boris has about the same chance of running for US President - Boris was born an American? Or was he 'naturalized'? If Boris is a Bruce Springsteen "Born in the USA" babe he could run for President of the United States. But I think Boris renounced his US citizenship, but if he is a Bruce Springsteen babe that is a mere trifle because under the U.S. Constitution he is entitled to USC and so could get it back again.
United States citizenship? Only the Americans would give their citizenship a capital C.
Oh contra Peter! In 10cc lingo, "Boris Johnson for President!" ... from one of your favourite organs (BSE free):

I thought that USC was United States Congress but there you go.
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