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Monday, August 11, 2008


Since the controversy surrounding Pippa Wagstaff's removal from Facebook on the supposed basis that she does not exist, I have noticed a growing number of profiles on the part of imaginary people. There is a profile for Sali Mali and Sam Tan for example. There is also a tendency to create fan pages for famous people as if they themselves were actively running and updating these profiles.

I have now discovered a profile for Charles Windsor, which is almost certainly not being run by him or his household. His current status announces that 'one feels some concern for the pictures coming out of Georgia', whilst his interests are listed as 'talking to plants, the environment and polo'. His favourite music is allegedly 'Queen' whilst his favourite movies are listed as The Man Who Would Be King, The King and I, King Kong and The King Maker.

Under the About Me section he writes: 'One decided to open one's first Facebook page today so that one can communicate with the Commoners.

One feels one should try one's hardest to communicate with one's loyal subjects, especially since one has successfully dispensed with one's adulterous first wife, and is now trying to justify having sexual relations with a Grand National favourite.

One is looking forward to the day, when one's Mummy (THE QUEEN) pops ones clogs, so that one will finally be KING ! and not the 'grovelling little bastard' everyone sees one as.

If one is not of Royal Lineage, one should only, have a short envious look around one's Royal Facebook, and then go away rather quickly.

God Save the Queen.'

It is really quite awful but shouldn't Facebook show some consistency in the way it applies the rules?

"....It is really quite awful but shouldn't Facebook show some consistency in the way it applies the rules?"

Quite agree, why have we got a monarchy in the 21st Century?
What happened was pretty bad. I hope it gets reversed.
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