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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bringing on the clones

I am a bit late in commenting on this news story but it is an important one nevertheless. A few days ago The Times reported that new microchipped passports could be cloned and manipulated in minutes and would then be accepted as genuine.

This clearly has serious implications for the security of the Government's £4.7 billion identity card scheme, which also relies on microchips similar to those cloned by a computer researcher as part of tests conducted for The Times.

Surely this white elephant of scheme must be dead in the water by now and yet the Government insists on pressing ahead with it. Putting private personal information on a chip in a passport or identity card will actually make identity theft easier.
Peter, since when did the government let awkward things like facts or common sense interfere with their policies?

The ID card scheme should have been dead the moment those HMRC files went missing. The fact that it hasn't means that they probably won't pay any attention to this - which they have been told before - either.

Do you know what the chances are of its passing Parliament, bearing in mind that Labour do not control the Lords? Are the Lib Dems there solidly opposed to it (very importantly, are the Tories)? Because I think that's the only way to stop this monstrosity.
The Lib Dems in Lords and Commons are solidly opposed. I cannot vouch for the Tories since the departure of Basher Davies to the backbenches.

Suggest you go to the above link by Cllr Frank Little
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