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Monday, August 18, 2008

Are they listening?

This morning's Western Mail carries news of the rather limited survey being conducted on-line by South Wales Police. This use of new technology is unfortunately compromised by a poor understanding of its potential and a failure to think through why the survey is being carried out and how it can improve Police performance.

If you click on the section entitled 'Your Comments Count' it transpires that this is only the case if you are prepared to agree that the service offered by the Police is excellent. At no point is there an opportunity to express any other opinion on the force’s service.

As I pointed out to the paper, every time I have had an opportunity to contact police, I have had a very good service and I don’t want to undermine their work in local communities. But any survey seeking people’s views should enable residents to make comments on the whole range of services provided by the police and any disappointments or problems they have had so police can correct that.

I don’t see any point asking for comments on how good the police are. All that will achieve is to generate complacency that I do not believe is there. If the police are serious about asking how residents think then the survey would be more comprehensive.

The force spokesperson is right in saying that there is an established complaints procedure that can be used to express dissatisfaction but that is not the purpose of these surveys. A properly formulated questionaire could be used by the Police to test perceptions of their performance as well as to identify strengths and weaknesses. There are good intentions here but poor execution.
The Maesteg West Focus team has recently carried out a crime survey; the survey highlighted that people aren't reporting crimes because of the poor response they get from the Police, unfortunately, the only time we see police officers out of their vehicles in Maesteg is when they are shopping in Tesco's

G Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
The public have lost faith in the police. My own experience came when I reported that i had evidence that someone is using my address to get credit etc. Their response was "that's not a crime". I even gave them a cast iron opportunity to catch him. They could not be bothered to turn up. We must also remember the Miners Strike, we lost faith in the police then because of their open hostility to the working class.
we have been burgled twice in the last two years - on neither occassion could the local old bill even be bothered to drag themselves to our house to investigate matters - and the station is round the corner.

Apparently if the items stolen add up to less than a couple of grand they dont even bother to record it - and to think our taxes are paying for this shower!

All the idiot on the other end of the phone seemed interested in was who lived in our house and what were their names, dates of birth etc What business is it of theirs ? (all to be stored on their computer no doubt)

Fact is they have more powers than they've ever had yet their detection rate is appalling, while we are more likely than ever to be a victim of a violent crime (despite all the cctv)

I very much hope the assembly does one day get powers over policing - perhaps then we can start to get value for money out of these uniformed layabouts not to mention getting rid of pro drugs coppers like that joke brunston and his ilk!

While I appreciate Leigh's situation, and fustration, but regarding police being "pro-druggie" I would strongly disagree. Now if you said pro-dealer, that's another matter.

The pages of the Glamorgan Gazette is full of substance misusers who've had their collars felt by the old bill; substance misusers are vulnerable adults, like those with mental health problems are vulnerable adults - and our prisons are full of these two groups!!!!

83,000 people who are locked up in UK jails, and a few more in Cuba.

Shame the old bill didn't nick the big players in the drugs world, rather than the "junkie" who's trading in some scag to finance his own habbit.

As regards the assembly having powers over the police, only God will be able to help us then, the clowns in charge in the Bay are worse that those in Westminster.

G. Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
In my opinion the policeing has declined.
I have reported dangerous driving and racing at nighttime. Not interested.
I have given them indicators of where the drivers are and there favourite lanes. Not interested.
14 year old drivers on the road. Not interested.
Since this i have become the sheriff, whatever i say gos!
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