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Friday, July 25, 2008

Unfinished books

Following on from Sunday's meme concerning how many of the allegedly top 100 books I have read, would like to read and would not touch with a bargepole, today's Guardian starts another: books that we have started but cannot finish.

I have not even picked up any of the five books listed in the on-line version of the article, though I do admit to starting James Joyce's Ulysses twice but not getting past page 100 on either occasion. Also, as I said on Sunday, my bedside table is full of half-finished books but I plan to deal with all of those in due course with the possible exception of Hillary Rodham Clinton's memoirs, 'Living History'.
You got as far as page 100 of Ulysses?

Wow, I'm impressed - I never got beyond about p50!

Well talking about books at least gets you off the hook about Lib-Dems showing in Glasgow-East compared to the SNP and its First Minister! Oh, how sweet ur, SNP for kicking out Labour.
I have commented on it in this thread: http://peterblack.blogspot.com/2008/07/scottish-stories.html

It could have been better but we were squeezed as all the anti-Labour votes gravitated towards the party most likely to give Labour a kicking, in this case, the SNP.
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