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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A serious misjudgement

With Rhodri Glyn Thomas' demise as a Government Minister the media is full of speculation that he will stand down in 2011 so as to allow Adam Price to assume his 'natural' role as Plaid Cymru leader.

If Mr. Price does get that opportunity then he will need to exercise better political judgement than this. Holding the referendum on the same day as the Assembly elections would guarantee a 'no' vote in my opinion.

A combined poll would fragment the support for greater powers and polarise opinion. It would also lead to key players in all parties failing to campaign for a positive outcome because of the distraction of the other election. It is just not an option, which is presumably why many in Wales Labour favour it.
Yes, sickening isn't it - the way a poliical party will act to get in one of its favourits.
So the ex Preacher ex Film Director PLAID CYMRU WALES ASSEMBLY MINISTER Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM resigns as a Wales Assembly Minister over a Cigar smoking incident in a pub and also over a stupid “gaffe” in a prize book presentation. Could there be more revelations to come? These two gaffes seem a bit mild for a top resignation!

How about the day, a couple of years ago, when (Carmarthenshire based) Llanddarog Women’s Institute visited the Wales National Assembly at Cardiff and their local Assembly Member Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM met the 52 women off the bus.
52 women are enough witnesses. A lady present from Brechfa questioned Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM about the proposed WIND TURBINES proposed for her BRECHFA Forest home area. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM answered with a comment that “it is either the Wind Turbines at Brechfa or THREE Nuclear Power Stations between Swansea / Llanelli and Pembroke”.
Of course that is not any form of option. In other words it was a blatant LIE! When he was later challenged on this he persistently refused to answer and significantly he failed to deny it – well there were 52 witnesses!
So if Mr Rhodri Glyn Thomas has to go now, as an EX Minister, then let the truth prevail – he was not honest with 52 Members of a Women’s Institute – far worse than a stupid book gaffe or a cigar gaffe! He was not honest over Energy Policy! Porkies are a worse gaffe than smoking a cigar in a bar!
Seem to remember that a Cigar got Bill Clinton into trouble, and it was Monica Lewinsky who was....ur, um smoking it!(That, and little white mice on the little black dress).

G. Lewis
Bridgend Lib Dems
Our National Assembly should refelect the talent, views and yes colours of Wales...there is no doubt that with the departure of RGT..there is less colour in the WAG Gvt...and yes a great deal less for bloggers to bog about!
A Grey Man
'Welsh Satire Presents ... "

From a BBC reporter on Cardiff streets near the National Assembly Building:
Glynn Evans (gave his friend’s name): “Whatever that Ieuan Wyn Jones is on I want it NOW!”
Anonymous: PC-PRO – it’s what they are calling it (concentrated skunk) now.
Welsh-Labour spokesperson: “Could never make this stuff up.”
Rhodri Morgan: No comment on or off the record, and don’t report that.
Man in hood attire (believed to be Ieuan Wyn Jones): I have absolutely no comment at this time.

Footnote: PC-PRO believed to be an abbreviation for the Plaid Cymru Public Relations Office.
From Welsh Satirical Press:
Petition left outside Welsh National Assembly offices. Petition calls for impeachment of Ieuan Wyn Jones. Charges read: (1) OTT treatment of RGT, (2) bringing Welsh politics into disrepute by promoting the notion that the National Assembly is run by a bunch of “politically correct nutters” (‘actually true, but that’s beside the point’), (3) undermining the National Assembly’s campaign for fairer news coverage by the BBC.
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