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Friday, July 18, 2008

Fresh Ood?

This picture was taken in Marks and Spencer in Swansea. Apparently, the photographer checked but there were no Ood on sale.
it's funny how that gets press, when the hundreds of mis-spelt Welsh signs around the country hardly get a mention. I guess if it was a Welsh sign in Marks & Spencer it might be a different story... though probably not ;)

"The Ood" branching out!

Re: Doctor Who - The Satan Pit (2006)
Can you remember "Power Balls"? They were made out of rubber and would maintain their kinetic energy, so they would bounce almost as high as the hight they were dropped from.

I can remember that myself and a few friends were using the side wall of the Afan Lido to bounce this power ball off, anyway, by accident the power ball got lodged in the "O", bounced several times inside the hole bit of the "O", dislodged said "O" which came crashing to the ground!!!!!!!!!!!

For several years following this event, the Afan Lido, became the "Afan Lid"
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